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 LinQu Wei Yang machinery equipment factory is domestic large drying equipment (drying equipment) professional manufacturers, for many years engaged in drying equipment and drying equipment design, research, development, manufacturing, service and marketing of rich experience, and constantly develop and perfect products, make them more energy saving, high quality, and high efficiency.
 Main products: wood drying (drying) equipment, wood drying box, wood drying furnace, wood drying machine, hot air steam lumber drying furnace, wood veneer dryer; High temperature hot blast stove energy saving coal; Dismantling combined drying box; Electric heating hot air circulation drying oven; Rotary drum dryer, tumble dryer, quartz sand dryer, fluorite powder drum dryer, chicken manure dryer, sawdust dryer, coal slurry and all kinds of mineral powder dryer, vinasse dryer, desulfurization gypsum dryer, sand dryer, sludge dryers, lignite dryer; Chinese herbal medicine drying equipment, chrysanthemum dryer (Daisy, king whyte, BaiJu, chamomile, etc.) honeysuckle dryer, honeysuckle drying box, honeysuckle filming machine; Food drying equipment (chili powder, sausage, fans, bean products, pastry, edible fungus, garlic slice, etc.); Vegetables dryer (day lily, mushroom, wild herb, brake, vegetables dehydration, etc.), Dried fruit drying equipment (preserved fruit, dates, hawthorn piece, pomace, etc.), Drying and solidification painting equipment (plastic spraying, spray paint, dehydration); Paper products drying equipment (carton, paper cups, etc.), Seafood drying (fish, shrimp, sea cucumber, etc.), Metal shell type whole drying room, fully automatic drying equipment; Tunnel drying equipment; Figwort dryer; And the flowers shed, workshop, brood of heating, etc... Details please click the left side of the product navigation options for your products.